Welcome to our happy corner made of bees’ buzzing, trees’ whispering and squirrels’ laugh.
Our shop can’t speak English yet (although it’s trying hard…). But actually we can.
So if you want to order our delicious nuts, try our precious oil, or just wanna say hello – don’t hesitate and give us a shot. Write an email or call us, karibu sana brothers and sisters.

You probably wonder what makes our product so special. Oh, we won’t reveal all of our secrets… but what we can say is that a group of devoted and well trained squirrels, boars, bees and partridges work hard every forenoon helping us out, taking care of orchards and delivering best of what we have on our trees. The rest is the magic. Well if we get to now each other better, we may reveal a little bit more ; )

Cheers and have a lovely day,
May the hazelnut energy be with you.

Squirrel Department Manager,
Tree Nuts Chaos Maintainer Head Director,
First of her name, Queen of the Magic Orchard, Protector of the Seven Green Corners,